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3 years salsa world tour

We are a nomadic dance team traveling everywhere, teaching, performing and improving our dancing skills around the world since 2009. Also travellers who mixed those two passions to dance all around the world. After 2 years in Europe and Americas, we are on the road again for 7 month to teach and perform in Asia (more info here).

We travel continuously from a city to the next one, and in every place we need to find a house to sleep and money to continue traveling. We have to earn that needed money using our artistic abilities : organizing dance workshops (click here to learn about our workshops) or improvising public demonstrations.

The challenge is that we never stay more than 5 days in the same place. 
It's very short and time is running, that's why we need your help...

Do you have plans for tomorrow, can we sleep in your home ??

We are homeless, living at people's place from their generosity. 
Soon we will arrive to your town, city, village to share our passion. Are you ready for this?

We can teach in : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Latvian, Polish