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Salsa World Tour, chapter I: Europe

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Europe I
Western Europe: Following the wind of salsa festivals


• parties, social dancing
• attending congresses, workshops
• staying at people's place

• dancing
• exploring

Countries visited:
Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Europe II
Teaching in Balkans and South-Eastern Europe


• teaching, dancing salsa
• organizing workshops, parties
• staying at people's place

attending a few festivals (last month)

• 6 months
• 50 cities

• 18 countries
• 20000 km
by car

Yuma SalseroMy name is Yuma, I'm a French salsa teacher and dancer. Also a traveller who mixed those two passions to dance all around Europe. After 6 months traveling wherever there was a salsa festival and always sleeping at people's place, I'm on the road again for 6 month to teach in 18 countries.
Together with 2 cameramen filming our adventures we are making a movie for French television:
we travel continuously from a city to the next one, and in every place we have to find a house to sleep and money to continue traveling. We have to earn that needed money using our artistic abilities : organizing dance workshops or improvizing public demonstrations.

The challenge is that we never stay more than 5 days in the same place.
It's very short and time is running...

if you wish to join us during the trip, check out the map...


One color per month. Check bellow the dates.

Click here to display our tour on a larger map.

The dates bellow are approximative, to check the latest schedule, please check out our agenda.

June (In blue on the map)
Ukraine - Kiev, Odesa
Moldova - Chisinau
Romania - Iasi, Brasov, Bucarest, Constanta 

July (green on the map)
Bulgaria: Varna, Burgas
Turkey: Istanbul
Bulgarıa: Plovdiv (16), Sofia (17-21)
Greece: Thessaloniki (21-26), Heraklion (26-3)  

August (yellow on the map)
Greece: Athens, Tripoli, Kalamata, Koroni, Ioannina (3-14)
Macedonia: Skopje, Bitola??, Ohrid (14-15)
Albania: Tirane, Shkoder (15-17)
Montenegro: budva (17-19)
Croatia: Dubrovnik(19), Gradac (20-23?), Split, Trogir (23 - 25)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo (25 - 30)
Serbia: Beograd (30 - 3)  

September (orange on the map)
Romania - Timisoara, Cluj, Oradea 
Hungary - Budapest
Poland - Warsaw
Serbia: Sremska Mitrovica
Montenegro: Podgorica, Budva
26-27: Bratislava, Latino Fest

October (red on the map)
2-4 october: Wieliczka (near Krakow, Poland) : Crystal Salsa Party


Our travel log

We are on the road for a 5 month adventure. This log will help you to follow us, and why not join us!?
We'll update it as soon as we'll find an internet connection.

Date Event
September 4th Meeting salsa teachers, salsa party @Oh Cinema, then Kizomba party @Underground
September 3rd Going to Ada lake, meeting @Apartment
September 2nd City tour with Bojana, meeting @Apartment, kizomba steps with Jasna
Party @Plastic Boat, transfering @Maja's place
September 1st Coton Club, leaving Sarajevo for Belgrad. Arriving very late @Marina's place
August 31st Latino party @Sluga club
August 30th Belly dance moves with Aida. Salsa party @Coloseum Casino, staying @Aida's place
August 29th First morning working in Sarajevo
August 28th Leaving Croatia for Bosnia. Meeting Aida in Sarajevo.
August 25-27th Working on computer (video), then preparing the next part of the tour contacting our futur hosts and planing workshops
August 24th Going to Split, then Trogir
Working on computer to prepare next part of the tour.
Arriving late in the night in Sibenik and meeting Silvia, our host
August 23th Salsa demonstration then workshop in Sunce Hotel
August 22nd Salsa and Bachata show in Sunce Hotel, followed by salsa animation
August 21st Leaving Montenegro for Croatia
Going to Dubrovnik, then at night arriving at Sunce Hotel
August 20th Relaxing in Budva, working on internet
August 19th Leaving Albania for Montenegro, meeting Gilles in Petrovac then going to Budva
August 18th

Canceling the second workshop in Skopje (lack of time)
Taking the road to Albania threw Kosovo.
Meeting Martine, our host in Shkoder, Albania

August 17th Workshop in Skopje Pinguin bar 20h30-23h30
August 16th Arriving in Skopje, meeting Ognen, Irena and other salseros
August 15th Going with Kostas around Ioannina, missing party @Skopje
August 14th Meeting Vicky at Poco Loco, Ioannina's tour with Kostas
August 13th Visiting old Olympia, then long way to Ioannina, meeting Kostas
August 12th Going to golden beach, Pylos. Unfortunately missing Vicky's salsa party @Poco loco, Ioannina.
August 11th Leaving Gythio, meeting Giorgos at Kalamata and the organizers of Kalamata youth festival. Arriving late at Lis & John place near Koroni, Mystraki
August 10th MonembaΣia
August 9th Beach & boat with Anastasia
August 8th Going to Nafplio with Alex, later going to Gythio and meeting Anastasia
August 7th Meeting Anastasia in Athens, then going to Tripoli at Maria's place. Diner with Alex.
August 6th Salsa party at Enzo Cubano with Dimitris
August 5th Salsa party at Enzo Cubano with Efigenia
August 4th Getting Vineta @Athens airport
Salsa party at Aiyλn bar
August 3rd Going to Athens, meeting Anastasia & Andreas who will host us.
Salsa party @exo vitrine
August 2nd Video shooting in Iraklio
August 1st Workshop at IceFacktory (Pagopoieio), in Iraklio
July 31st Workshop at IceFacktory (Pagopoieio), in Iraklio
July 30th Animation in Habanero bar, Iraklio
July 29st Workshop at IceFacktory (Pagopoieio), in Iraklio
July 30th Animation in Habanero bar, Iraklio
July 29th Workshop at IceFacktory (Pagopoieio) followed by party in the same place, after party at Habanero
July 28th Photo shooting near the sea in Iraklio
Animation in Habanero bar, Iraklio
July 27th Transfering at Stella's place
Meeting the owner of the club
Salsa party at Mare
July 26th Arriving in Iraklio, meeting Kostas who will host us.
1st meeting to organize coming workshops
Salsa party at Habanera
July 25th

Transfering from Thessaloniki to Leptokaria
Salsa party on the beach with crazy salonica latina team
Leaving in the night to Athens

July 24th Salsa party on Leptokaria beach
Going back to Thessaloniki to sleep and pack our stuffs
July 23th Salsa party in Vilka
June 21th Interview for RFI
Leaving Bulgaria for Greece: Thessaloniki
Salsa cruise party, meeting DJ Giorgos
Meeting Iro who will host us during all our stay here
July 20h Workshop at Fridge canceled
Working on the website graphics with Adi
July 19th Party at "Mansarda" and then Salsaplus
July 18th Party at Salsaplus
July 17th

Working in Plovdiv @internet cafe
Leaving Plovdiv to Sofia, meeting Elena, and then Tsvetelina who will host us. 
Party at Salsaplus and then at Colorama

July 16th

Leaving Istanbul to Plovdiv with Marcella (Chillian dancer)
Meeting Nikoleta  who will host us near Plovdiv
Plovdiv night life

July 15th

CS meeting in Taksim during the evening
Salsa party in "Cuba" with a live salsa band

July 14th Salsa party at "Murphy dance club" (Asian side)
July 13th Visiting European side of Istambul, meeting Farouk and walk to Asian side
July 12th CS meeting in big Island of Istambul
Salsa party with live music at "Murphy dance club"" (Asian side)
July 11th

Leaving Burgas to Istanbul, without any place to sleep.
At midnight meeting Gulnur who will host 3 of us

July 10th Going to Sozopol. Salsa party at Caribe
July 9th Printing business cards
July 5th Salsa workshop at Vlad's school, zouk workshop and then Party
July 4 sat Leaving Varna. First problem with the car because of heavy rain.
Swiming under the rain with Tsvetan familly.
Arriving  in Burgas in the evening.
Salsa party in "Caribe" then techno party in "Tekila".
July 3 Fri Photo and video salsa shooting session in Varna's harbour
Party at "Copa Cabana" Club, Varna.
July 2 Thu Salsa party at "Porto Rico" club, Varna
July 1 Wen Sunrise from the wild beach of Kavarna.
Sleeping in the forest.
Balchick Botanical garden.
Stop on the beach on the way back to Varna
June 30 Tue Meeting Dobrinka, Monastery visit, then beach resort
Wrong information about salsa party in Energy club.
Going to Kavarna at night  for Jjuly morning'
June 29 Mon We drop Malik in the center, and go to Varna (without any  place to sleep).
Couch surfing meeting with Martin (CS ambasador).
Last minute hosting by Tsvetan & Milena (5 days)
June 28 Sun Lunch at Cristina's secret place in the trees.
Working session in Constanta old town
June 27 Sat Day in wild beach near Eforie
June 26 Fri Going to Constanta & stay at Cristina's mum (3 days)
Salsa party on the beach
June 25 We organize a Zouk party in ONX cafe  with live singing (thanks David)
Salsa & French zouk love animation
June 24 Contacting people from Tonka soul cafe
Salsa workshop at Malibu, Wilmark interview & salsa party
June 23 Shooting salsa dancing in Cismigiu park, Bucarest's triomph arch and on a fountain in university square.
Salsa party at  JCC (18 popa soare)
June 22 Shooting salsa dancing in front of the "Casa Poporului"/"Palatul Parlamentului"
Working using wifi & meeting people at Uniri's McDo
Transfering our HQ at Tonka cafe, working all night there.
June 21 Arrival in Bucharest, establishing our temporary HQ on 4th floor of commercial center "Piata Uniri" (220v + wifi). Casting & meeting with 15 persons there. Starting working on workshop and party organization.
Meeting at "Motoare" on national theater roof university square.
Party at "Salsa4u"
All our group staying at Ioana C's place (5 days).
June 20 Eating with Dora in the forest near Dracula's town
Organizing a Zouk Party at "Paris Panam" cafe
Leaving Brasov in the nigt, eating & resting on the way at a woman's place.
June 19  Salsa workshop 19h30 to 22h at Julian studio, Liceul de informatica. 
June 18 Salsa workshop in conference place "Serban restaurant"
Salsa party at stdio 80, promoting our next zouk party
June 17 Arrival in Brasov, first meeting at "Paris Panam" Cafe
June 16 Animation during the Liden festival (afternoon), then workshop at evening
June 15 Animation during the Liden festival (afternoon), then workshop at evening
June 14 Animation during the Liden festival (afternoon), then workshop at evening
June 13 Leaving Chisinau in the morning to go in Romania
Arrival in Iasi, meeting Ioana who will host us 4 days
Visiting the animation place and meeting Stefan (sound technician)
Organizing our first meeting with 8 p in Corso Cafe to organize workshops and promotion.
Later we are invited for aperitive at casa cultura. Dinner all together and then going to 3 clubs to promote our workshops.
June 12 Workshop at Teodore's school
June 11 Animation on the central public garden aborted because of the rain
Interviewed by local radio : Moldavia plus with Elena.
Transmission at local TV of our interview
"Salsa " party at Latino cub. Interview of the owner
June 10 Interviewed by local TV
Animation on the central public garden, interview of the owner
June 9 Meeting Robyn who will host us.
Meeting at her place with 5 p. Starting working on organization of  our classes.
We hardly escaped from agressive and drunk local policemen
June 9 Arrival in Chisinau after 2h spend withs customs at the border
June 9 Photo shooting (Y) on the beack
June 8 Photo shooting (M) in town, then party @Kevin
June 7 Workshop in an old building of the city
June 6 We are attacked by 2 Ukrainian guys in salsa club, fighting @Brahma
June 5 Party near the beach @Brahma
June 4 Leaving Kiev for Odessa, staying 5 days @Ignace place in the center
June 4 Filming dancing in the Subway
June 3 Hosted by Mar'yana & Anya
June 3 Internet @Babai, then salsa & zouk class, hosted by Ruda & Anya
June 2 Salsa class @Salsa club & Powell's interview
June 2 Internet @babai club, meeting contacts & inteviews
June 1 4 of us hosted by Giancarlo & Larisa
June 1 filming urban insolite dance in the city
May 31 Y&M hosted by Irina / S&S hosted by Natalia
May 31 Private class of Zouk at Salsa Club
May 31 First workshop at Caribean club: Zouk love
May 30 Sleeping at Kiev Salsa club thanks thanks to Powell
May 30 Party in Carribean Club, first interviews - 10PM
May 30 Arrival in Kiev - 6PM
May 29 Short Break in Katowice at Aleksandra's place - 2 AM
May 28 Departure by car from Paris - 5AM